House Alarms

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Burglar Alarms



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ICU Security Systems

ICU Security Systems can provide you and your family with a burglar alarm system that suits your individual requirements. We pride ourselves on assuring you that with our solutions and services you will be able to enjoy a deep sense of safety and peace of mind.

Every alarm system consists of an external siren with strobe (flashing light) and a built in battery back up, an internal Siren, Main Panel with battery back up and a keyfobs for operating your alarm.

Approved by the National Standards Authority of Ireland, we are one of the leading security system installers here. We provide domestic house alarm security solutions in Dublin, around the Midlands and throughout Ireland.

No matter how simple or complex the burglar house alarm you are looking for, no system is a problem for us!


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Why Choose ICU Security Systems?

  • We carry out a free, no-obligation survey and risk assessment of your home
  • We give you all the security advice you require.
  • We provide a 24-hour monitoring & emergency service.
  • We carry out regular maintenance.

So, look no further to find the perfect house alarms for Irish houses, ICU Security Systems will guarantee to bring you peace of mind with our home security alarms.