PTZ Dome Cameras

Pan, tilt and zoom high speed dome cameras can be provided in a range of sizes and models. They can operate from a fixed point position or from various positions on poles and brackets.

All of our PTZ cameras can be set up to carry out preset tours of an area with predetermined times set for each position. Alternatively, PTZ cameras can be controlled by the use of motion sensors for instant recording in any zone where motion is detected.

NEW FEATURE: PTZ camall-deviceseras detect moving objects and follows them within the camera’s area of coverage. This is of special importance in locations where the occasional presence of people or vehicles require special attention.

Additionally, this series offers a superior optical zoom capability to provide the necessary detail for distant objects and suspicious individuals. Additionally, these PTZ cameras provide up-to 300m of IR surveillance, even in total darkness. Features such as these make this series an ideal solution for environments where tracking and zooming are paramount (such as airports, yards, stadiums, and scenic sites).

All of our PTZ cameras can be viewed and controlled remotely, meaning that if you are not at your premises, you can view it from anywhere in the world using your smartphone, tablet or laptop.